Finding your windows are still dirty after cleaning is very frustrating. Whether you’ve attempted to clean them yourself or paid somebody else to do it, it’s sure to feel like a waste of either your time or money. In this article we look at the causes for this and what you can do about it.

The bottom line is: that windows that are still dirty after cleaning, haven’t been cleaned properly. This may be due to a lack of know-how, insufficient tools or a rushed job.

How do you get rid of smears when cleaning windows?

If you cleaned them yourself on a cloudy day, it may only be when the sun comes out that you notice the streaks and marks you’d thought were gone. When glass is cleaned manually, as opposed to using a water-fed pole, it must be buffed to remove residue. But done incorrectly, this can cause unsightly smears — a tell-tale sign of an amateur clean.

Why are my windows dirty after I clean them?

Perhaps your windows haven’t even had the dirt removed properly. This can happen if you keep reusing a sponge that isn’t being washed frequently. Or if the technique used is sloppy and not thorough. And some squeegees give a really patchy finish, especially poorer quality models not designed for professional use. If you’re trying to wash your own windows but not getting a good result, it may be worth having a window cleaner for your premises. Of course, there will be a cost involved, but the time it will save you could prove invaluable.

Independent window cleaners

Or maybe you do have a window cleaner, but your windows are still dirty after they’ve been. Unless this is caused by dirt accumulated immediately after their visit, like a bird dropping on the window, or building works, this is completely unacceptable. When your window cleaner walks away from the property, the glass should be completely clean. So do get in touch with them if the job is substandard. And if they don’t rectify it with an apology, it’s time to find a new window cleaner.

Our operatives are fully trained in the latest techniques, to ensure you get the best window clean, every time. Whether you have an office or a house, a tenement or a warehouse, we can help keep your property looking good, saving you time and hassle in the process.