With many small businesses needing to cut back on outgoings at the moment, we ask, is it worth having a window cleaner for your premise? For most organisations, the answer will be a resounding, yes. Even if it’s occasional.

When answering these kinds of questions, it’s often helpful to think about what will happen if you don’t do it.

Not cleaning windows causes maintenance issues

Amateur window cleaners rarely remove more deep-seated dirt, moss and grime. And where this is left to build up, it can cause erosion, cracks and rot. This brings us to…

We might spot things that you haven’t

Cracks and rot can cause huge problems if they’re caught early. But unless you’re doing routine inspections and know what to look for, you might miss them. A professional window cleaner is much more likely to spot and report any issues. 

It takes longer than you’d expect

Not only is there less chance you’ll catch all the dirt by yourself, but you’ll almost certainly take (much) longer than one of our operatives would. Ask yourself if you can afford to spend this time away from your main role. And whether it’s a worthwhile use of your time and energy. Often business owners find it makes more sense to contract this out. 

It might not cost as much as you think

There’s even a financial pay-off for using a professional window cleaner. Window cleaning is usually an allowable expense for your business if you’re self-employed as a sole trader and use a premise to carry out your activities. Or if you’re a Ltd. company, you may be entitled to the VAT back. The same applies to stair cleaning. You can check what rules and regulations apply to your own circumstances on the government website. But the chances are, it’ll cost a lot less than you might have expected. 

Maybe you’re on a really tight budget and don’t use your premise as a shop-front. In this case, you can reduce your paid window cleans to the minimum amount – around twice a year – to ensure they’re getting a thorough, deep clean at least occasionally. Then fill in the remaining cleans yourself.  
Are you interested in hiring a window cleaner for your business? If so, do have a chat with us. We have over three decades of experience and can provide a top-quality, convenient service that works for your setup.