There are many reasons to use a professional solar panel cleaning company, rather than trying to do the job yourself. Not only will it save you time, but you may just save yourself from making some costly mistakes or having an accident. 

Does cleaning your solar panels make a difference?

Yes, without a doubt. Cleaning your solar panels ensures their longevity and enables them to work harder for you. This will, in the long run, save you money. But how they’re cleaned, and by whom, has a huge impact on the difference made. When it comes to maintaining them, you have three options: 

  1. Don’t clean them at all.
  2. Clean them yourself. 
  3. Pay someone else to clean them for you.

What is the best way to clean solar panels?

You may assume that cleaning solar panels is much the same as cleaning your windows at home – not so. Panels are usually cleaned with deionized water by professionals. And they are not just hose rinsed, as the minerals found in water creates a white film on the glass. This film will impair the functionality of the panels and all your hard work will have been for nothing. 

Methods of cleaning solar panels

There are some circumstances in which solar panels should not be cleaned. For example, if an area has been damaged, or the surface temperature is too hot, you may do more harm than good. Yet without the necessary expertise, you might not recognise these circumstances and risk doing it yourself. And never use a power washer to clean your panels. While it can be an excellent method, all it takes is just a little too much pressure and you’ll cause expensive damage. 

The system should always be isolated and shut down too. And as panels are invariably high up, you’ll need to be able to work safely at height or risk an accident. So before you attempt to clean your own panels, ask yourself: Do I know how to do this safely and will I be able to get it up and running again? 
If the job is done properly, it’ll need to be repeated less frequently. Hiring somebody with the right skills will always get a better result. If you have solar panels do get in touch for a free, no-obligation cleaning quote.