Are you looking to sell a property — be it domestic, commercial or rental — in light of the interest rate rises? With the market shifting from favouring sellers, to buyers, you’ll need to get ahead of the competition. In this article, we’ll be revealing our top tips on how to spruce up your house to sell. 

Is it worth improving the house before selling it?

Absolutely. But “improving” can mean a lot of different things to different people. And as everyone’s taste is individual, you should stay away from costly changes that stamp your own personality too distinctly. Instead, focus on time-honoured basics that work no matter where, what, or when, you’re selling. 

How do I get my house ready for viewings?
Start with the entrance 

The very first impression your prospective buyers will get is the frontage, so begin here. Driveways and front terraces can be transformed with professional power washing. And streak-free clean windows and ledges not only speak volumes from the outside but from the inside too, making rooms brighter and more appealing. Give front doors and wooden window frames a lick of paint, to create a fresh, inviting welcome. Flats come with additional consideration; as viewers will likely enter via a stairwell, be sure to remove any rubbish from this area and have a stair cleaning service in place, or they may be put off before ever reaching the threshold. 

Use some elbow grease

You need to clean it. And we mean really clean it. If you’re someone who doesn’t see dirt, you may need to get some help in — or phone a friend! All areas should be immaculate, but be sure to pay particular attention to kitchens and bathrooms. As part of your cleaning regime, tidy up any detritus and unnecessary belongings; surfaces should be clutter-free. It may also be worth a coat of emulsion on the walls if paintwork leaves something to be desired. 

Stage it

Rental properties in particular will benefit from some stylish homely touches in the mix. Think of your target buyer and what they are likely to appreciate and need. Remove items that conjure images of housework, like washing up bowls and bleach bottles. Instead, add some candles, fresh flowers maybe a bottle of champagne tucked in the corner of the kitchen. Shabby furniture can be cheaply revamped by adding new throws and plush cushions, with floors revived using a fashionable rug. Many of these items can be obtained for free or very little, through social media swap groups, Facebook Marketplace, Freecycle and Gumtree. 

If you need help with specialised areas of cleaning, do give us a call to see how we can assist you to spruce up your house to sell.