There are many benefits to having your windows cleaned regularly and frequently. But how often should that be?

Well, there’s no generic right or wrong answer to the question, but there are recommendations based on individual circumstances. Your plan will depend on your property’s location and function, the time of year, as well as your own preferences for perfection and of course – budget.

So if you’d like to know how often you should have your windows cleaned, here are the possible options and factors to consider.

If you run, own or manage a business, monthly property maintenance is a part of the job. But even in this category, the recommendations will vary. The first consideration is whether clients and customers visit the premise. If so, it’s essential that you keep your windows in pristine condition. Always hire a reliable window cleaning company who’ll automatically turn up to clean and ensure they’re always streak free. Those with shop frontages may even want to have your glass cleaned weekly or fortnightly to keep pesky fingerprints at bay.

If you live by the sea, your property will receive regular coatings of salt, sand and higher winds than those based inland. In this scenario, it’s not only the image that matters. This debris will cause damage if not regularly removed. So book a clean at least monthly.

If you or nearby neighbours have building work underway, like seaside properties, you’ll be experiencing increased levels of debris – in this case, dust and muck. You might think it’s better to wait until all the work’s finished, but it’ll be taking its toll in the meantime. Having the windows cleaned at least monthly may cost more than you’d like, but it’s cheaper than having to replace panes and glass in the longer run.

If you live in a rainy, snowy climate, which let’s face it, in Scotland, we do, you might think rain cleans the windows. But in fact, it adds to the build-up of unwanted particles. Add some bird droppings and bugs into the mix and you’ll be well advised to book a clean at least every other month.

If you clean your own windows, perhaps you prefer to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in yourself. That’s great and will suffice for much of the time. But it’s still worth getting a local professional window cleaning company in every 6 months or so to give them a deep clean. We use purified water and have the latest tools of the trade. We can do a more thorough job and help protect your windows in the long term.

Have you got a regular window cleaning service organised for your home or commercial premise? If not, do get in touch for a free, no obligation quote.