Gloomy rooms, bacteria and allergens can all easily affect our well-being. But it’s easy to overlook one of the possible causes of them: dirty glass panes. Here are the 4 ways that cleaning your windows can improve your health. 

#1 Increased light lifts your mood

Dirty windows can reduce the amount of daylight getting through by as much as 40%. Clean windows, therefore, provide you with a greater amount of light. Not only will this lift your mood and boost your mental health in the process, but it’ll also help you to be more productive too. Our bodies need daylight to produce feel-good chemicals and hormones – which is why so many people, particularly those living in Scotland, suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, a type of depression.

#2 Clean windows reduce the number of bacteria and viruses circulating indoors

Yes, it’s true. The glass in windows allows UV light indoors. Not only does this help you feel cheerier, it actually reduces the number of bacteria in the atmosphere, meaning you’re less likely to be exposed to viruses. And that’s something that’s never been more important than now. Mould is another organism that likes to grow on the edges of windows. And human exposure to it has a detrimental effect on the respiratory system. Cleaning glass inside and out, however, will eradicate it. 

#3 Brighter conditions mean you’re less likely to experience headaches and eye strain 

Sitting at a PC or laptop all day is tough on your eyes and head as it is. But staring at a screen in duller lighting will exacerbate the problem. And as an abundance of natural light is always preferable to harsh artificial lighting, getting more of it will serve you well. 

#4 Regular cleaning means fewer allergic reactions

One of the areas in which dust and pollen congregate is glass. Come the warmer weather, we open up the windows and release this build-up of allergens from the exterior, into the interior. Once inside, they will stick to the glass on both sides. This may be the cause of your runny nose, sneezing, coughing and watery eyes. None of which is useful when you’re trying to work.

Living in the northern hemisphere, it’s especially important to maximise the amount of light we’re exposed to. This is especially the case if you work indoors. So if you’re missing out and suffering because of dirty glass, consider booking regular professional window cleans. Looking out through a sparkling window is sure to make you feel more motivated, happier and healthier too.