Old buildings with shared entrances come with a unique set of challenges, but maintaining clean and clear windows doesn’t have to be one of them. Perhaps you’re dealing with years of urban grime, fragile antique glass and panes. Or you’re just looking to let more light into your space. If so, we’ve got some useful window-cleaning solutions for tenement flats. 

How do you clean tenement windows?

If you only have responsibility for ground or first-floor windows, you can treat tenements much the same as any other property. If you have grid style, you’ll need smaller tools and a soft cloth to access the many crevices. Be warned, these types can be extremely time-consuming without professional tools! Take great care if mounting a ladder and don’t operate above the first floor yourself. Never lean out of a window to clean.

Sash and case windows

These kinds of windows are commonly found in tenements. Sash and case windows can be several hundred years old. They consist of two moveable sashes that slide vertically or horizontally within a frame. The classic design offers versatility and allows for effective ventilation. Many of them were designed with the capability to be unlatched and swung inwards, allowing for DIY cleaning on higher floors. As these kinds of windows can be delicate and are extremely expensive to repair or replace, many people prefer not to tamper with the mechanism themselves. 

However, if you are confident to manoeuvre sash and case, are sure that your windows have this functionality and are happy to undertake your DIY window cleaning, this can be an effective solution. If you find the sashes are sticking, apply a silicone-based lubricant to the channels and pulleys. This will help ease the range of movement. Then test the windows by opening and closing them to distribute the lubricant. And never force anything. 

Professional tenement window cleaning

In the vast majority of cases, the best way option is to enlist professional help. Many tenements go as high as four or five floors. And with high ceilings in most, this makes the levels at which a cleaner must work, extremely lofty. Professional tenement window cleaners have high-reach equipment that takes care of the task carefully, thoroughly, quickly and safely. For those with responsibility for an entire block, such as a lettings agent, management company or private landlord, it’ll reduce admin and keep clients happy. 

So if your tenement is causing you headaches, contact us for a quote. Either for a single property or several. We also offer stair cleaning and bin rotation services, covering several of your maintenance needs in one.