Plenty of jobs at home and work end up on the back burner during the colder months – but windows should be a priority. 

Grass, plants and bushes need little or no upkeep, while vehicle washing and outdoor maintenance are often shelved until the milder spring weather. Windows too can be neglected, especially if you clean them yourself, and can’t face braving the icy conditions armed with a squeegee. But routine window cleaning is still a priority at this time of year, whether for your home or business. Here are the reasons why.

Making the most of limited light

You might think that when there’s less light, there’s less point enhancing its entry points. However, the more limited it is, the more you need to harness its power. Cleaner glass allows more light to flood in. This creates a cheerier, more upbeat feel to your office (resulting in a happier workforce). Sunlight warms up your home, protects against mould and mildew and makes it more welcoming. Plus the more natural light you can access, the less artificial light you’ll need. Not only is this better for your health and overall well being – something that can suffer in January – but it keeps costs down too. Especially useful if you foot the bill for a large domestic or commercial property.

Protecting the glass and panes

Windows are expensive to replace. So far better keep them in good condition with a relatively small spend, than face a massive refit bill further down the line. The harsh winter weather brings with it extra grit, grime and most importantly – salt. This can have a corrosive effect over time unless it is regularly cleaned. It’s also important to clean the glass correctly. Glazing can contract in colder weather and it’s important to ensure that any accumulated salt doesn’t etch the glass in the cleaning process. So special care is required.

Putting safety first

Window cleaning above the first floor is particularly risky in chilly conditions. Surfaces and ladders can quickly become hazardous and slippy without warning. Leave it to the professionals. We can do the job safely, with better results, in a fraction of the time – meaning you don’t have to spend extended periods of time freezing outside trying to get a streak free finish.

Give us a call or drop us a message today, to arrange a free site survey and quotation and make winter window cleaning a priority.