Thoroughfares can all too often be neglected when it comes to arranging cleaning and maintenance. But why is stair cleaning important? While they may not receive as long a gaze as other spaces within your property, staircases are likely to be the dirtiest area of all and can cast a shadow on all other parts of the property, if not adequately maintained. 

Stairs may form a first impression

Depending on the location of your property, the stairs may be the first thing visitors see. This will be relevant if you have an upper floor office, a commercial premise, or a flat. Those renting, selling, or holiday letting a home, need to ensure that these first glimpses are positive if they want to command as high a price as possible or avoid poor reviews. And shop keepers may not even get customers through the door if the entrance looks grubby. 

Stairs get a lot of wear and traffic

Even if they’re not the first thing you see, stairs need cleaning frequently. While we spend more time looking at seating and working areas, stairs get the most action in your building. The pounding of footwear and holding of handrails take their toll. They also make the space dirtier than other parts of a building. This is especially true in residential accommodation where shoes and boots are often removed once over the threshold. And it’s why stairs should get special attention when it comes to your cleaning regime. 

Employers have a duty of care 

Anyone who provides a space in which staff work, or who runs a business involving visits from members of the public, has a duty of care to make those areas safe and sanitary. As stairwells attract so much traffic, they are more likely to accumulate debris, dust and germs on bannisters. All of which can be hazardous to health if left unchecked and uncleaned. Costs for stair cleaning and invariably tax deductible too, so it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind. And by contracting a reliable service provider to do the job, it’s hassle-free. 

Do your stairs leave a little to be desired in terms of cleanliness? Do you keep meaning to arrange a cleaning service, but never seem to get around to it? Give SPM a call, or drop us a message today. Our reliable, efficient and thorough cleaning service is a cost-effective and convenient solution to keeping your stairwells in tip-top condition.