Communal bin rotation is a necessary part of life in many purpose-built blocks of flats, some tenements and on business premises. With the number of refuse categories having increased, it can become a burden for individuals and companies to manage. 

Communal bin rotation 

Flats, commercial premises and places of work have large shared bins. They need to be moved from the location in which they’re ordinarily stored, onto the pavement ready to be emptied by the council. In some cases, this can be quite a journey, with bins being stored in underground car parks, or dedicated bin rooms, especially given that they can amount to quite a weight. Then, once emptied, each of the bins needs to be returned to its storage place. 

Staff bins 

Unless you have an employee whose role includes maintenance tasks such as refuse management, the issue of who rotates your onsite bins can fall between the gaps. Bin rotation is certainly not a role that can be shared amongst the team. Like drawing up a rota for tidying the kitchen. Refuse management, however, plays an integral part in ensuring your office or premise is properly maintained.

Communal bins for flats

In places of residence, like flats and factored developments, there is often the option to take it in turns. Putting out the bins is a shared responsibility for all owners and tenants. However, some people aren’t conscientious or responsible in this respect. So, like stair cleaning, it can be the source of many frustrations and disagreements. And there may be some residents who are physically unable to take their turn. 

Communal bin rotation services

The most effective solution, in both of these scenarios, is for you to hire someone else to do it. This will away any potential fuss, arguments and the risk of the task being forgotten (and the bins overflowing). We now offer a reliable, dependable and hassle-free service, taking care of your communal bin rotation, including weekends and early mornings. 

If you’re a business owner, you can contact us directly to arrange this. Those who live in factored blocks can speak to their management company about using a communal bin rotation service. And if you live in a non-factored flat (like a tenement), why not chat to other residents. Discuss the option of using a service and sharing the costs between you.