If you’ve ever experienced the problems that come with clogged gutters, you’ll know how important it is to keep them clean. But what causes a blocked gutter and how can you recognise the warning signs?

The unseen areas of your property will also be those that are all too easily forgotten. Out of sight out of mind is often the case. But if you don’t arrange a regular clearance of your gutters, they can cause internal leaks, damp and damage to the fabric of the gutters themselves, the building wall and the roof. And there are a number of repeat offenders when it comes to blockages. 


By far the most common cause of a blocked gutter leaves fall throughout the year, but clearly most profusely in autumn. Living in or owning a commercial property in a leafy district is lovely, but you will be at a much higher risk of blockages. It’s therefore vital to ensure you get a clean once the season draws to an end.


These don’t fall from trees quite as easily as leaves (it’s more likely to be birds dropping them from overhead), but their bulk combined with other matter makes them an enemy of the gutter.

What happens if you don’t clean your gutters? 


The spongy nature of moss absorbs rainwater, expanding in the process. This makes it harder to remove, especially if it’s been growing there a while. 

Birds’ nests 

Leaves, twigs and moss create the perfect base for birds to nest. But this is far from ideal in your gutters. Be sure to get rid of any debris ahead of spring, so you don’t get stuck with an avian gathering in your gutter. 


Obviously this only impacts in wintertime, and won’t be a problem by itself. But add it to other debris and you’ll have solid blockages that can expand the gutters and put a strain on the joins. This is why it’s safer to approach winter with clear gutters. 

Small creatures

The least pleasant and most troublesome of our list is the small creatures that can find their way into your gutters – birds, rodents and even frogs can get in and expire up there. This causes a foul stench and some major blocks. 

Leave your gutters unchecked for too long and you will regret it. By arranging regular gutter cleans for your property, you’ll prevent problems from building up.