If you live in a shared block, own a commercial premise or have responsibility for staircases and stairwells in your office, keeping them clean can become an issue.

Disputes can arise where there are disagreements over who’s turn it is to sweep and mop. It’s not just the stairs themselves either – doors, lifts, tiles and bannisters all need attention too.
Tenement stairs
This is perhaps the first category that jumps to mind under the banner of stair cleaning. Unlike more modern flats, most tenements don’t have management companies to take care of all your maintenance and grounds. There’s a major benefit to this, as factoring fees are costly, but the downside is that the stairwells can often go neglected. Many blocks take turns doing a clean or take care of the stair directly outside their own flat, while others employ stair cleaners to do the job, who then bill each flat a portion of that cost.
If your tenement stairwell badly needs some tlc, perhaps it’s time to talk to your neighbours about contacting a company to do the job. Or if you’re required to take a turn and don’t have the time or inclination, let us do it for you.
Stairs in factored developments
No doubt you already have stairwell cleaning in place if you live in a factored block. But are you getting a good service and are you happy with the cost? (The breakdown of this should be listed in the bill listing your fees). If not, you can speak to your fellow residents and management company about contracting a new company to cover it.
Stairs in the workplace
Whether your business has an entire premise with more than one storey, a large scale office block, or you share an office in a building with several other companies, you’ll need to take your part in ensuring the communal areas are kept clean. If your setup is small scale, you might want to get the mop and bucket out yourself. But failing to remove all residue could result in slips and falls – as could any unattended debris. Avoid entries into the accident book and a lot of elbow grease, by contracting stair cleaning specialists. We can do the job safely, thoroughly and in a fraction of the time. We’ll also have your lifts looking great.
So don’t let arguments over stair cleaning give you grey hairs. Give us a call or drop us an email today and arrange a free site survey and quotation.