You may be aware that you need to check the guttering on your home, office or commercial premise regularly. But what exactly are you looking for and what are the telltale signs of blocked or damaged gutters?

As the weather takes a turn toward the onset of winter, it’s time to turn our attention to guttering. The prevalence of insects, nesting birds and vegetation during the spring and summer months, followed by dropping leaves in autumn cause issues that may need to be resolved. 

Here are the questions to ask when inspecting your gutters for blockages and cracks:

Is the water flowing freely?

If you can see (you may be unable to, depending on the vantage point), is the water flowing all around the gutters, or stopping and flowing over the side at one point. If the latter, there is something blocking the water’s path.

Is there anything growing in the gutters? 

Greenery and moss that’s visible from the outside, will certainly be worse inside the gutter. This is easily resolved with a good clean. 

Are there drips?

You may see drips coming from the gutter itself and/or water on the ground, only beneath the gutter and not in other areas. This could mean a cracked section of gutter or overflow from a blockage.

Is there damage or rot on the building next to guttering?

Inspect the pointing, brickwork and fascias by the gutters. Any issues or mould that could be a result of damp, may be caused by the water’s path being forced elsewhere due to a blockage.

Do birds, animals or inspects appear to be nesting?

If you regularly see wasps, squirrels or pigeons loitering around your gutters they may have built their home there. This will result in obstructions. 

Do the gutters look to be in bad repair?

It may seem an obvious consideration, but it can be easy to ignore. If they look to be out of shape or have bulging areas, they probably are broken.

Prevention is always better than cure. Frequent cleaning of your gutters once or twice a year at least, will avoid more serious and costly repairs further down the line. You’ll be amazed at what’s been lurking in your gutters. We can offer a competitive and thorough service to clear your gutters and save you money in the long run.