Unless you really love cleaning, chances are the only reasons you’ve not hired a professional window cleaner already, are cost, and convenience.

It’s unlikely to be more convenient in the long term to opt for the DIY approach. But in the short term, find and contracting someone, can seem to be yet another task in your day, that you can do without. Or perhaps it’s something you keep meaning to do and never get around to. There are many reasons it’s well worth the small amount of effort, not to mention the costs involved.


Since 2005, The Work at Height Directive has recommended the water fed pole method for window cleaning. While ladders are still used, it’s important that whoever’s doing the job ensured the appropriate tools of the trade are used. Large window cleaning companies like ours have far more equipment that’s fully fit for purpose. We’re also fully insured. For corporate and commercial clients this is an important consideration, ensuring the safety of not only our staff, but you and yours too.

Pure water

Are you using a local independent cleaner who operates from door to door? If so, they may not be using pure water. But filling up from your outdoor tap instead. This may seem entirely logical, after all, this is how you’d clean your own windows. However, this is how spots, streaks and residue forms after they’ve dried (and your window cleaner is long gone). This is due to the calcium in the water. Pure water on the other hand, gives a great finish – a trick of the trade!


Perhaps you run a large business, or are responsible for multi-site buildings and units. If so, contracting a large, reputable company to take care of the job for you is by far the easiest way to go. Rather than relying on one or two individuals, choose a setup that can take responsibility for bigger scale jobs. Performing frequent, regular cleans on any size building, anywhere in Scotland, is no issue for big operations such as ours. Plus we can take care of your stair, gutter and solar panel cleaning and power washing. As using one contractor saves you admin time, you’ll find it also saves you money.

Are you convinced yet? If so, why not give us a call. Or have a look at the rest of our website, to find out more about what makes SPM Ltd a top choice for all your window cleaning needs.