It’s time to think about preparing your business for the festive season of 2021. Whether it be your annual office get together, shop windows, Christmas themed events or decorating your hospitality venue, there are some important considerations you might have missed. 

Planning for Christmas 2021 

Last year’s run-up to Christmas was a wash-out for most shops, restaurants and bars. Restricted openings and lockdowns in some parts of the country meant that the usual flurry of spending was heavily hampered, with shoppers resorting to online spending. But 2021 looks to be a different story and while there are some concerns surrounding possible winter spikes, things are looking up for small businesses once again. So what do you need to do in terms of planning for Christmas 2021? 

Decide on a theme or colour palette

Will you be keeping previous decorations or buying new ones? Your theme or colour scheme can go a long way in attracting new customers if you run a retail or hospitality venue. An eco-focus is likely to be a popular choice in the current climate – if you’re short on cash you can always go foraging for natural compostable options

Have backup staff on call

Again, this mainly applies to the retail and hospitality sectors that see a huge increase in trade over the month of December. But as this is set to be a big year, it’s well worth having some backup. Inevitably there will be some self-isolating. Don’t get caught out, have a list of employees who are happy to be on an overtime list ready for the call if required. Or contact an agency for short term bank staff. 

Clean up your premises

Now more than ever, people care about cleanliness. Expect to be judged on whether your windows are streak-free and your entrance area is tidy. This may mean adding in some extra cleans during December. Or booking in some pressure washing to get everything looking extra tip-top. And if you run an office, be sure to arrange frequent stair cleaning. Particularly if you’re expecting higher footfall and some festive celebrations in-house. 

Stay flexible

Over the past year, we’ve certainly learned how fast things can change. And those who’ve been able to adapt have shown the most resilience. Keep your plans as flexible as possible, as there may be the requirement for some last-minute changes. This may include aspects such as allowing for continued remote working, offering an online as well as an in-person shopping experience and providing the option of virtual tickets for events.  

If you’re in the process of preparing your business for the festive season of 2021 and need some assistance with cleaning, do get in touch with us to discuss the options available to you.