It’s never been so difficult to rent a property. Demand is soaring and investors are pulling out of the market in droves due to increased costs making it increasingly less viable. This is creating a perfect storm of competition. So if you want to know how to convince a landlord to choose you, read on…

How can I increase my chances of getting a rental property?

There’s not much you do to change the fundamental aspects of your tenancy application. Like what you do for a living, how much you earn and who else is going to be living or working there (such as kids and pets). But there are plenty of ways to make yourself more attractive beyond these basic factors. And in doing so, reassure a prospective landlord that you’re a safe bet. 

First off, if you’re self-employed or a contractor without a provable reliable income, you may need to offer several months of rent upfront. And even if you’re not, this can be a good way to secure a place. The landlord’s biggest fears are defaulting tenants and the place getting trashed. You can alleviate one of those straight off the bat if you have savings. 

What makes an attractive tenant?

Now let’s address big fear number two; someone who won’t look after the property. A good reference and your protestations of tidiness will only go so far. Why not commit to engaging a reputable professional cleaning company for windows, gutters and stairs and let the landlord know who you’d be using, how often and what for? You could offer to copy the landlord in on your invoice payments, so they can see you’re good to your word. Alternatively, you can ask that these services be included as part of your rent and pay more for the privilege. 

How to make a good impression on a landlord

It’s also well worth joining social media groups local to your area. Particularly those that specialise in property. Being able to see who you are through the prism of your online presence (provided it’s a good one) can help a landlord build a positive impression of you. Similarly, finding in-person social connections (like mutual friends you may have through a hobby or workplace), can add to your case. 

We wish you luck in finding your perfect pad. And when you do, remember to call us for all your window, stair and gutter cleaning needs.