We spend a lot of time in the office, be it shared in a commercial building, or in the home. It’s therefore really important to make sure yours is a light, inviting space that promotes productivity and creativity. If you want to know how to brighten up your office, read on…

Maximise the existing light

Offices can often be devoid of much natural light, so take full advantage of what you do have Position your desk near a window to absorb some rays, but try not to block it with screens and plants. Dirty windows let significantly less light in, so frequent professional window cleaning is a must and it’s likely to be a VAT/tax-deductible business expense. 

Fake it or make it

Lacking in windows? Get savvy with artificial light. Get rid of harsh strip lighting and replace it with warm white LED bulbs, which do a much better job of mimicking natural light. A SAD lamp is also a super way to replicate the effects of sunlight, improve your mood and up your energy levels. If you’re able to make more significant changes, consider installing a roof light/skylight or converting a window into fully glazed doors. 

Get smart with colour

A light, neutral paint will open up the space, create a sense of calm and bounce the existing light. Cheerful colours like yellow, orange, and green can promote creativity and energy; try using pops of them in accent accessories like pillows, rugs and artwork. But take care not to go overboard with too many colours, as it can become overwhelming.



The simplest and cheapest way to create space is to clean and tidy up. A cluttered office is distracting and makes it difficult to focus. Clear out any unnecessary items and sort the remainder with storage solutions that keep everything in place. A clean and organised space will not only look better, but it can also improve your productivity. Don’t forget to clean areas like stairwells and shared kitchens. It all makes a difference to the aesthetic and how you feel as a result. 

Your environment plays a huge part in how you feel and work. Learn how to brighten up your office so it’s not only functional but also a joy to be in. Get smart, get organised and turn your workspace into a place you love.