Are you venturing into the Airbnb or holiday cottage business? Maybe you’ve just started a property management business? High standards are the key to success, which is why we’ve compiled a holiday let cleaning checklist to help your rental compete with the rest.

The summer holidays are upon us and for those managing short-term rentals, it’s the busiest time of the year. Getting good reviews is vital if you want to optimise potential profits and cleanliness is always one of guests’ top priorities. So what should you ensure is covered before getting started and after every stay? 

How clean should you leave a holiday cottage?

Clean. Really clean. Guests may not be fussed about excellent standards at home. But in a stranger’s place and while paying a premium for the privilege, you can bet they’ll be very fussy. You can have the trendiest decor, best toiletries and the most convenient location. Yet if the property is grubby, it’ll receive a significant mark down on reviews. 

Cleaning holiday lets 

Before you begin, you’ll need to carry out a deep clean. This includes everything you’d do on your usual weekly clean, as well as a thorough spring clean – and more! Here are some of the jobs that can easily be missed. 

  • Dusting skirting boards, picture rails and ceiling/wall joins where cobwebs lurk
  • Cleaning all windows and glass inside and out 
  • Cleaning stairs in the close (if the property is a tenement flat)
  • If the property has a patio, decking or a driveway, consider power washing
Changeover cleaning

With a few hours to pack in your clean, you’ll need to make the most of the precious time between guests. And you’ll need to reset everything. Here’s what to do for each changeover:

  • Change linen and towels (iron fresh linen once you’ve made the bed to save on time)
  • Re-stock toiletries and loo roll
  • Scrub all sinks, loos, showers and baths, then give the taps a high-shine polish with a soft cloth
  • Sanitise tables, surfaces, light switches and handles
  • Vacuum sofas and carpets, as well as any lurking cobwebs and dead flies
  • Sweep and wash hardwood floors
  • Wash and put away any dishes that have been left out 
  • Clean the oven/hob/microwave
  • Clean and polish off any marks on mirrors and glass
  • Put the bins out (if you’re not there on bin day, you’ll need to arrange for someone to rotate your bins)

In addition to this, you’ll need monthly maintenance cleans where extra attention is given to windows and outdoor areas, wiping down the insides of cupboards and washing out indoor bins. 

Cleaning windows can easily be the most time-consuming of all these jobs; especially if you have French doors or a conservatory. It can therefore be impossible to fit in a full window clean yourself during changeovers without professional specialist tools. By contracting a regular window cleaning service for the cleaning of the outside glass, it’ll be taken care of automatically, much faster and more efficiently than you could do. With no disruption to your guests.