The trade dates back hundreds of years. But did you know where – and how – it began? Read this article for some fun and fascinating facts about window cleaning, like who invented the squeegee, how technology is making the industry safer and who holds the Guinness World Record for speedy cleaning. 

  1. Glass windows were first introduced in the early 1600s. And so the task of window cleaning was born. Early windows were lined with lead, as this provided a kind of framework to support the glass, as well as reinforcing the glass. However, they only became commonplace in the average home and workplace in the 1860s. 
  2. The world’s fastest window cleaner is Terry ‘Turbo’ Burrows from Essex. He holds the Guinness World Record for cleaning three 45-inch square office windows and their sills in 9.24 seconds.
  3. The first mass-marketed and widely-used squeegee was invented by Italian-American window cleaner Ettore Steccone. He patented it back in 1936, but similar devices had been used on ship decks for years. 
  4. Window cleaning is considered the most dangerous job in Britain. More so than being a police officer, firefighter or soldier. This is why it’s best not to DIY, but to hire a trained pro. 
  5. The commercial window cleaning trade, as we know it today, was developed in New York – not least due to the rise of thew skyscraper. In 1931 there were 3000 windows cleaners in the Big Apple.
  6. One of the tallest buildings in the United States, the Willis Tower, is cleaned by robots as it’s deemed too unsafe for human operatives. This 110-story building has more than 16,000 windows, cleaned about eight times per year.
  7. The world’s tallest building is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Standing at 555 meters, it houses 1,300,000 square feet of glass windows. All this glass requires top of the range cleaning equipment used to the tune of £5 million.
  8. A new and innovative self-cleaning type of glass has hit the market. Pilkington Activ glass. The coating reacts with natural daylight to break down and loosen organic dirt – rainwater spreads evenly over the surface of the glass, helping to wash away any dirt and reduce streaking. It still needs a hose down during dry spells. 

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