A conservatory or orangery offers additional living or dining space and is an often attractive light-filled feature. But over time, it may start to look outdated. So if you’re looking for some conservatory makeover ideas, here are some tips to achieve a fresh new look.

1. Update the flooring

A fashionable new floor will be a game changer. Conservatories in direct sunlight will have some limitations on what you can use, as it will be subject to fading. But you may be able to opt for classic hardwood or laminate flooring, hard-wearing LVT, patterned tiles or some funky textured vinyl flooring.

2. Re-paint or wallpaper

Some conservatories are fully glazed, while others have sections of brick, exterior render or plastered wall. If one of the latter, a fresh coat of paint or a new wallpaper will completely transform it. Consider using light, neutral colours to create a bright and airy feel, or bold, bright colours to add a pop of personality. Rough render or concrete finishes can be covered with plasterboard or MDF for a smooth decorating surface. 

3. Install new blinds or curtains

One of the biggest issues with conservatories is regulating temperature, as they’re often too hot in summer and freezing in winter. High-quality blinds and curtains offer thermal and cooling properties, as well as add privacy and style to your conservatory. 

4. Insulate it

Cheap-looking polycarbonate roofs can be overlaid with tiles, and/or have an internally plastered ceiling fitted. Not only will this insulate it and protect it from sun scorch, but it will also bring a more formal feel, allowing the conservatory to become a solid, year-round room. While these options come with a considerable cost, they offer a viable alternative to extending for extra space. If you don’t have heating, getting a radiator installed will be worth it now you won’t be losing most of the heat through the roof. 

5. Add in some cute lighting 

The easiest way to add night-time atmosphere to your conservatory is with some pretty fairy lights, paper lanterns and warm-coloured lamps. Candles in hurricane lamps also work well, but be sure they’re not left unattended. 

6. Accessorise

For an up-to-date look, include rattan and wicker, wrap some hanging greenery around fairy lights, or from the ceiling and place potted plants on shelves or tables. Plants not only add some colour to the space but also help to purify the air. Finally, pop some decorative cushions and throws onto your furniture and hang artwork on the walls. 

7. Clean it!

The simplest and cheapest of our conservatory makeover ideas is to make sure your glass is cleaned regularly and professionally. Conservatories bring the outside in during all seasons and make for an impressive addition to your property. But no amount of dressing and insulating can compensate for a drab and unloved wall of dirty or streaky windows and doors. 

With a touch of creativity, effort and a small investment, you can turn your unloved conservatory into a more usable and much-admired space.