You may have been cleaning your own windows for years. But are you doing it right? There are many truths and lies circulating about how best to do the job. In this article, we set the record straight and reveal the 6 window cleaning myths in frequent circulation. 

#1 You should polish your windows with newspaper

Maybe this worked in the 1950s, but you only have to pick up a paper these days to realise how much the print rubs off. While this won’t have such an impact on your glass, it will stain white ledges, sills, frames – and everything you touch until you get to the sink for a thorough wash. Chances are you’ll make more mess elsewhere than you remove from the glass. 

#2 Clean windows with water and vinegar

Vinegar is an excellent substitute for many cleaning fluids. But when it comes to your windows it’s best avoided. A vinegar-water mix is more likely to smear dirt around than clean it off completely, giving a false sense of achievement that actually prolongs the job.

#3 Tap water is fine for glass cleaning

It’s free and abundant, but the mineral sediment in water from the tap will leave marks and streaks on your windows. Cue lots of polishing to eliminate it. We use pure water that’s been filtered to prevent unsightly streaks.  

#4 Windows must be dried and polished after cleaning

Not if you use pure water. It does confuse some people to discover that many window cleaners won’t dry after a wash. That’s because there’s no need if you use the right liquid in the first place. 

#5 It’s best to clean your windows on a hot sunny day

While it might be a more pleasant experience, you won’t get as good an outcome if you pick a fine summer’s day to clean your glass. The heat dries out the water faster, increasing the streaks and splodges. 

#6 Window cleaning is bad for the environment

Many professional window cleaners use no detergent at all (pure water removes the need for this) and ensure fuel efficiency via smart scheduling. So the carbon footprint is minimal and it doesn’t pose any harm to the watercourses.
Are you struggling to clean the exterior glass on your home or premises effectively? It takes skill and the right equipment. Why not drop us a line to arrange a no-obligation quote and take the hassle out of keeping your windows sparkling.