Developing environmentally friendly practices is a top priority for all businesses and individuals right now. The good news is that there are ways to make your window cleaning more eco-friendly, reducing your carbon footprint. And it’ll be quicker and more effective than old-fashioned methods. 

What is a natural way to clean windows?
#1 Use a water fed pole

A good professional window cleaner will have developed ways to make window cleaning more eco-friendly and invested in tools that achieve an excellent result, without harming the environment. Waterfed poles get the job done swiftly and efficiently, with less water consumption. A water fed pole has a long life, unlike plastic squeegees which have to be replaced frequently. 

#2 Use purified water

Purified water (rather than chemical-heavy detergents) is fed through the water pole at speed. It doesn’t leave streaks or spots or have a harmful impact on the watercourse. Neither does it require lots of abrasive cleaning products. 

Eco-friendly cleaning products 
#3 Reduce detergent

If you prefer to clean your windows yourself, the best way to make your window cleaning more eco-friendly is to cut out chemical detergents sold in plastic spray bottles. Distilled white vinegar available in glass bottles, can be diluted. And while it leaves a strong smell, it does a good job of removing dirt. A professional window cleaner will use minimal detergents and ensure they have a low environmental impact. 

#4 Hire a window cleaner using vehicles with reduced emissions

Check that your service provider operates using environmentally-minded practices. In addition to their cleaning method, ask about vehicle emissions. Or take a look at your window cleaner’s website to find out how they are working to support lowering carbon emissions

#5 Contract a local company

If a window cleaner is already operating in your area, they won’t have to travel far to get to you. This means reduced fuel usage. A larger company will have many staff members. Therefore they’ll be able to service your premises across a number of locations, using their most local operatives.

In 2022, customers need to know that your business is concerned about climate change. These ways to make your window cleaning more eco-friendly, offer easy wins in improving your outlook as a forward-thinking, caring enterprise. If you’d like to know more about how we as a company are doing our bit, do check out our website. Or get in touch via phone or email.