Do you need someone to clean the windows on your property, but are unsure which kind of service you need? Read on to learn the differences between a window cleaning company and a solo window cleaner…

#1 An individual bout of sickness shouldn’t disrupt your service

This is a particularly pressing issue of the moment, with self-isolating causing much disruption in service provision. If you work with a solo window cleaner and they get sick long term or are injured, you have to find another operative or wait it out. A large company will have other staff who can cover. Similarly, should your window cleaner decide to cease trading altogether, you have to find someone else. Whereas a large company will backfill their post, so you don’t have to. 

#2 Limited companies have a greater degree of accountability 

This extends to insurance, health and safety, GDPR and tax. Limited companies must comply with all relevant regulations, keeping operatives – and you – safe in the process. Profits must be documented and taxes paid — so there will be no unethical cash in hand trading. And if something goes wrong, a large company can’t deny responsibility or do a runner. 

#3 If you move, you won’t have to find a new provider

Those who relocate on a frequent basis – whether it be your home or place of business – have a lot of associated admin to deal with. So finding a new window cleaner is one extra hassle you could do without. Hiring a company that covers a sizable area means you only need to let them know your new address and they’ll already have an operative to cover that postcode. 

#4 If you have multiple properties, you only have to deal with one provider

Landlords, property managers and commercial property owners can cut down their workload by using a single company to cover each building. This saves on invoicing and liaison. 

#5 Larger setups generally have more funds to invest in equipment

And better equipment means better results. It also means being kinder to the environment, with money to spend on eco-friendly tools like electric vehicles and water fed pole systems. 

Have any of these considerations resonated with you? Perhaps you don’t yet have a window cleaning service or are considering making the move from hiring a solo window cleaner. Give SPM a call, or drop us a message and enjoy the benefits of using a national window cleaning service.