Whether you’ve been carrying out monthly maintenance tasks yourself or are considering hiring someone to cover your business’s needs, we have the lowdown on why outsourcing cleaning services is both easier and cheaper. 

Can a company outsource the cleaning process?

Yes! And there are so many benefits to outsourcing cleaning services by hiring a specialist company (or several companies) to take care of your cleaning and maintenance needs. As opposed to bringing in a salaried employee. You could invite one company to do it all, or one to cover exterior cleaning (like external stairways, windows, solar panels and gutters) and/or another to clean the interior. 

What are the main advantages of outsourcing?

#1 You can usually claim it as a tax-deductible expense

Just hand your accountant the invoices for services provided. This is a really good reason to stop doing your own cleaning; you could be freeing up time to spend on something else. Although outsourcing does incur a cost, by the time you’ve deducted it from your tax bill, the fee won’t be as much as it seems. So ask yourself; how valuable is your time?  

#2 Immediate start

There’s no waiting around for your operative to give four (or more) weeks’ notice. This means they can get to work as soon as they have availability. 

#3 No access concerns

When it comes to external cleaning services, you won’t even need to hand over a key. So the whole process is contact-free and you don’t have the concern of someone walking around with anytime access to your premises. If you do want to cover the internals and provide a key, using a well-known and reputable company is far safer than a new employee. 

#4 You won’t have to deal with HR issues

That means no PAYE processing, sick pay, holiday entitlements, special leave, performance reviews, references or employee grievances. 

#5 Firing a contractor or ceasing their services is a cinch

However keen and capable a prospective employee may seem at an interview, things can change once they’re assured of their pay packet. Whereas a contractor must keep standards high and prove to you on an ongoing basis that they’re worth their money. Because if not, you can cancel them with a simple phone call or email and no worries about unfair dismissal complaints. Even if you’re delighted with the work, it could be your finances become too tight to continue. Again, stopping your regular services is no problem in this scenario. 

Have we convinced you? If so, give us a call today and outsource some of your cleaning requirements in one fell swoop.