Window Cleaning 

Window Cleaning Glasgow

SPM offers experienced professional window cleaning in Glasgow. 
We have only fully insured and specially trained window cleaners. They can clean all types of windows. We can also service buildings of all heights. We also follow strict safety guidelines and laws, to ensure security for both our employees and our clients. No matter the window, we’ll clean them all to the same high standard.

Clean Windows and Excellent Service

Choose us to clean your windows and we’ll have them sparkling and polished in no time. Our professional window cleaning programme is designed to suit your needs. Our enthusiastic management team is dedicated to excellent service. SPM also operates window cleaning services in Edinburgh and throughout Scotland and Northern England.

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Window Cleaning Glasgow


Our staff are highly professional.

Fully Insured

Our staff are fully insured throughout Scotland and Northern England.

Working Safely

Our employees are well trained in safety procedures.

National Contractors

SPM can handle large contracts in Northern England and Scotland.

Quality Control

We have extremely attentive quality control procedures.

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